Cocoa beans, from which fine chocolate is produced, grow in the tropical climates of Africa, South America and parts of Asia and are harvested twice a year to produce the raw products that make chocolate.

These raw products, which include cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder, are then combined with milk powder and sugar to form the most popular styles of chocolate.

White chocolate is the sweetest of chocolates and contains less cocoa mass than either milk or dark chocolate, but has more powdered milk and sugar.

Milk chocolate is the most popular of all chocolates and contains a perfect balance of cocoa products, milk powder and sugar.

Dark chocolate is the strongest tasting of all chocolates due to its higher percentage of cocoa mass. It contains less sugar than other chocolates and has no milk powder.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company also has a range of unique style chocolates including sugar free, red grape extract, 70% cocoa and country of origin.