Introducing The New Flavour of Chocolate...

After months of anticipation, the world’s fourth chocolate flavour is finally here with The Margaret River Chocolate Company being one of Australia’s first boutique manufacturers to get access to the new taste sensation – Ruby chocolate.

Named for its pink hue, Ruby chocolate is not artificially flavoured or coloured, the colour instead is a result of a different style of cocoa bean processing which has been kept secret by Belgian-Swiss cocoa company Barry Callebaut.

Ruby chocolate is described and smooth with a berry tang. Customers have described the flavour as sweet, yet sour! Its popularity has come from its limited access, it’s supply starting off in Korea, Europe and Japan. Now it’s finally Australia’s turn to give this new pink sensation a try!

We are now proudly selling Ruby online and in store, but stock is limited! You can now purchase  100g Ruby Pastelles, a 100g Ruby Chocolate Bar and Ruby Rocky Road. Make sure to let us know what you think!

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